Eloff street studio’s located at 1 Eloff street, Johannesburg, The 1 Eloff street building forming the start of the companies program for inner city re-development with the development of apartments in the inner city as well as establishing a community of artists in the building to nurture the growing creative industry in Johannesburg. With the steady growth of the creative industry the company saw the need for studio spaces in Johannesburg, particularly focusing on establishing a community of artists housed in affordable spaces, with the option accommodation in the same building.

The studio’s at Eloff street studio’s has a number of studio’s available for artists to find a space where they can work on starting or building on their artistic career in a community of artists in a variety of spaces.


Eloff Street Studio’s was created to nurture and give agency for the growth and support to the artists in our community of artists. Currently we are happy to have the following artists in our community:

Nkhensani Rihlampfu

Nkhensani Rihlampfu takes a positive stand on the weight of both our country’s and our family’s luggage. Exploring the idea that our family’s responsibilities are carried on the shoulders by paying tribute to their courage and strength. These are the people who contribute to our communities despite their circumstances. They move us forward with no regard to the weight that they are carrying with them.

Richard Ketley

Painting and drawing is an integral part of my life, and has been since a very early age. At the moment I am interested in formal elements of painting and drawing inspired by the world around me and the many countries I visit.

Dbongz Mahlathi

Dbongz Mahlathi is a Graffiti-Street artist from Mohlakeng, in the West of Johannesburg. He started participating in graffiti in 2008 when he first came to the city to pursue his tertiary education. He fell in love with the freedom it afforded him, the colours, the huge canvases in a form of walls, the conversations it allowed him to engage in, the confidence it instilled in him and the ability to spread conceptual messages to the masses.​

Stephan Erasmus

A conceptual artists specializing in Visual Poetry and the production of Artists Books.


Eloff Street Studios offers a variety of studio spaces that lends itself to nurturing and helping young and established artists to find a space where they can work and pursue their creative goals.

Eloff Street Studios offers the following:

A variety of studio spaces with the majority located on the ground floor.

Easy access from the De Villiarse Graaff Moterway.

Water included

Prepaid electricity

Prepaid WiFi

Secure covered parking on the roof of the building

24-hour security  

The studios have 10 large studio’s looking out over Jozilane and approx. 35 smaller studios are all located on the ground floor inside the building and some on Jozilane. As the studios are located in the inner-city there is 24-hour security in the building with secure covered parking on the roof.